Creativity Inside Inacraft 2016


So last week was the week of Inacraft’s euphoria. As people known, Inacraft is an annual craft exhibition in Indonesia. The biggest craft exhibiton in Indonesia actually and last week was the 18th for this event. And yes, I did. I also got two days of that event’s euphoria. So let me tell you what I was felt there.. πŸ™‚

IMG-20160423-WA0028 new

Beautiful recycled paper

IMG-20160423-WA0030 new

Beautiful flowers from corn husk

IMG-20160423-WA0034 new

Great collage from woven fabric

IMG-20160423-WA0040 new

We all miss our traditional culture :”


Cute giraffes

IMG-20160423-WA0048 new

Scandinavian living

IMG-20160423-WA0057 new

The ‘jadul’ stuff

IMG-20160423-WA0059 new

Necklaces {I love the purple on the right side :(}


IMG-20160423-WA0068 new

He..llo..! a.. robot!

IMG-20160423-WA0061 new

Gunny sack dolls

IMG-20160424-WA0044 new

Paper recycle

IMG-20160423-WA0076 new

And really amazing big ‘Gunungan’

I was really amaze with all of these stuff inside this exhibition. The crafters made creativity with hard work, you can see it by yourself from their works. They made them then sell them. One thing I realize here is when you buy something, you are not only buy a thing, but you also buy the creativity of that thing.

Million creativity inside here. Creativity will always grow up and continue to be something new, fresh, and modern. Creativity has no limit.

See you next year in Inacraft 2017! πŸ˜‰


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