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So, three days ago was my birthday. And I got so many great wishes from my friends, parents, and also from my secret special one of course, hihi (thank you so much everyone!). ;D

Birthday for me actually is not a necessary thing to celebrate. But yeah, when your beloved friends and family remember your day and say blessing to you, who’s gonna feel not a lucky man in the world who have them that remember your special day?

But still, I found birthday is so ordinary and classic event on everyone. It is repeat every year. But every year is not the same. I thought my birthday gonna seems an ordinary thing for other people, but for me, it is like a new chapter, a day to remember that you more and more growing old  each year and alert what have you’ve done till this time? Is it you be more mature now? When you’ll gonna have house, car and maybe get married?

And as I told you, every year every people’s birthday is not the same. Always have something nice and cute happen. Just like my last birthday, someone that I didn’t talk to much with, swabbed my cheek and said happy birthday to me when I came. It was something amazing and I feel happy cause I finally knew that that someone care about me. Was it nice?

So how about your birthday? 😉



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