DIY Yakult Bottle


Hey! How are you guys?

This week I have a loooong nice weekend from Thursday-Sunday. ABSOLUTELY, I have to use it properly. And post a nice article for sure πŸ˜‰

Today I want to show you my experiment with probiotics drink bottles. I often feel bad when I have to throw something to trash but I think that something still gonna work if I do a little touch to it. So here is it, my work to the Yakult bottles. Let’s check it out!


Yeah. These two bottles that I’m gonna work my magic to something useful and also beautiful.

Let’s get start it!


The first thing we have to do is cut off the top section of the bottle so we can have the more big circle for the top.Β 

aIMG-20160418-WA0028 new

Then it’s time for painting!

aIMG-20160420-WA0002 new1

After we done do the painting, now we are moving to varnish those bottle so the color that we applied don’t fade away.

aIMG-20160421-WA0029 new3

Let those varnished bottles dried with the sun. Then we are ready to decorate those with natural rope.

aIMG-20160421-WA0035 new

And we are done! You can place little things like paper clips or pins inside those pretty bottles.

aIMG-20160421-WA0058 new1

Or maybe you can add some beads to decorate them. I choose to not decorate them with beads because I only have one bead for the type of beads that I want to add on those bottles.


I hope this DIY gonna useful for you and I can’t wait to see yours! πŸ˜€


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