“Pesta Rakyat” at Ennichisai 2016!

All about Indonesia

Hey! This is about one of great festival in Jakarta, the annual event about Japanese culture in Little Tokyo. Check it out! :3

It was last week when all of the joyfulness and spirit made. Sat-Sun May 14-15th 2016. I was there on Saturday. I just had a meeting with my friends at Blok M Plaza. But before that day, couple days ago I heard about Ennichisai event for this year is gonna be held on that week. I never went to Ennichisai. I ever heard about this event 2 years ago, but I just thought that this festival just gonna be an ordinary other Japanese festival. There’s gonna be food, cosplayers, and many accessories related to Japan. Just the same thing.

But I was wrong. Totally wrong.

I watched the coolest Takio I ever saw, listened the easy going music, laughed together with the performers, felt amaze with the very great spirit from performers and their skills, found many new things that I never known before about Japanese culture, met new friends.. and also took a picture with the cute guy that was played Shamisen, uwaaaw (I told him that he was so cute, haha!)! I was very happy could be there on that night. It was full of spirit and joyfulness! The Japaneses who performed on the stage really gave their best for us. Their spirit, happiness, high quality skills, smiles.. They made me smile wider and wider. I couldn’t stop smiling. I was dancing with the rhythm they gave to us. They treated us like we are friends and really want us to celebrate this event together.

This is a prove that Japanese in Indonesia want to make good relationship with Indonesian and strengthen it through culture. Indonesian and me really enjoy Japanese culture and hopefully we, the Indonesian, can make the same event or more great event about Indonesian culture in Japan.

Hope I will see you guys again, next year! 😉


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