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So, yesterday I went to my friend’s house at Cempaka Putih, Central Jakarta with the train. I never went to her house with train and this was the second times I visited her house. And, “Let’s we try it!” I said it to myself. :3

Go anywhere with the train is very cheap and easy. I love it because the facilities of train in Jakarta are nicer now than the old times. So I took the train from Sudimara station and then got off from the train in Gang Sentiong station, the nearest station from my friend’s house.

Actually from Gang Sentiong station, I wanted took Gojek or Grab Bike. But when I booked, the driver was to far away from me and bla bla bla and etc. Too many excuses from driver so to shorten the time, I decided to just walk.

It took 38 minutes to go to my friend’s house from Gang Sentiong station (that was Google Maps said to me, hihi :p). And ABSOLUTELY I didn’t know where I was and I just counted on Google Maps to lead my way, haha! I trusted him. But, yeah, it would be really surprising me because I chose the ‘walk’ path on Google Maps. If you take ‘walk’ path on Google Maps, he really means it for the ‘walk’ path. Seriously. Cause he would show you the fastest way to get you to your destination, even that you have to through ‘gang sempit yang hanya bisa dilalui pejalan kaki dari dua arah/motor satu arah‘ (narrow alleys).

The weather was so cool because the rain had stopped. Yesterday was rainy day because the rain started from 1 am to mid day. I loved it. Cause my skin didn’t have to meet with the sunlight and great temperatures to have a journey in the middle of crowd Jakarta.

For the first time I got insecure to walk with this path because I really didn’t know the situation and condition of this area. I’ve been very rarely there and that was the first time I walked around Cempaka Putih. But let’s get the adventure! Right? πŸ˜‰

And these were my adventure.

IMG-20160618-WA0000 new

For the first time of my path, I interested to capture these things. These remain me of ‘becak’ (kind of cycle rickshaw but Indonesian version). After I took this picture, then something like a ‘becak’ passed in front of me but not with a cycle, but with motorcycle!


This was cool. But I wonder why the glasses gone away, hmm..

IMG-20160618-WA0006 new

And yeah, this was the ‘gate’ for me to enter pasar (public market). I didn’t know that would be a pasar on my path.

IMG-20160618-WA0008 new

In this picture, I tried to take a picture of the barber shop. The barber shop looked so simple and the interior reminds me of jadul (old)Β era of Indonesia. I like jadul :3

TheΒ pasar crowd of people. There was a store that had large 1×2 m. But the unique of that store is the store full of people who wanted to see and go inside the store. There was a random line of queue to get in and someone stood by in front of the store. He spread his arms along the entry so people who not yet allow to come in couldn’t get in. But it was just an ordinary sandals and shoes store (as I saw from a distance). I was really amazed.

And there was a gold jewellery stores, colored snails, somebody who grilled chicken (damn! In the middle of fasting? Huh! :p)

DSC_0045 new

A nice beautiful house

DSC_0046 new


And those were my journey. Got lost in the middle of hectic, buildings and traffic of Jakarta. I just missed the different situation of my routine activities. And the jadul scenery of course. It is also really fun and challenging if you try to explore a new place with walking and accompanied by maps.

Let’s get more new adventures!


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