Christmas Necklace DIY


HELLO! Merry Christmas EVERYBODY! 😍


How was your Christmas? Merry Christmas and may you live a long and happy life filled with goodwill and friendship 🙂

And here’s my DIY for you to keep stylish through the day with a little bit signature of Christmas. Go, check this out!


Those are the things that you need for this DIY. Yes, we’ll gonna make a cute necklace from many simple ingredients. Here’s the details for you.

  1. Cloth-paper.
  2. Embroidery thread.
  3. T-shirt or another fabric that no longer you use.
  4. Needle.
  5. Scissor.
  6. Embroidery hoop.

(for you who live in Indonesia, especially Jakarta, you could easily find those materials on traditional market that sales many fabric, like Tn.Abang)


First, put the cloth-paper on your embroidery hoop. Then, sketch your Christmas icon on the cloth-paper using pencil. I chose Christmas tree for my Christmas icon that I framed with trapezoid shape.

And now it’s time for stitching! Stitch the cloth-paper with the pattern icon that you already sketched. I used horizontal and vertical line for mine. I also used french knot to make the little bunny lamps on the Christmas tree.


After the pattern is closed with thread, let’s start to hide the back side of this embroidery! Release the embroidered cloth-paper from embroidery hoop. Then cut your embroidered pattern by following the shape of the pattern. Don’t forget to give space around 0.5 cm from the embroidered pattern when you cut the shape. And also you have to cut a copy of the embroidered shape for us to use it as the cover of the back side of this embroidery.

Then we stitch again the embroidered pattern with a copy of the embroidered shape to make them unite tightly.


In the meanwhile, we have to prepare for the rope of the necklace.Take t-shirt or fabric that you are no longer use it, then cut the fabric to get 3 long ropes with the wide around 2 cm.


After we get all 3 ropes, then we have to make those unite through a braid.

After we’re done make those unite, then we could attach braided rope into embroidered pattern. And, voila!



Hope this is gonna useful for you. And.. Happy holiday! 😉


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