Makassar I’m in Love

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Makassar is a hot and beautiful city located in South Sulawesi, Indonesia and was be my first city that I visited for the first time with my own effort through my job.

What? YES! I’m very excited about that and feel so proud of myself 😍

I love traveling and visit the place that I never went before. Especially Indonesia. I have the big dream that I want  to go to around every city in Indonesia and thank God I made it. I made my first move to go to Makassar.


When we are going to somewhere new, it’s always interesting to know more about the historical of the place that we’re going to. So when I was in Makassar I went to Pantai Losari and Benteng Ujung Pandang.

When you are in Pantai Losari, you could see many of big sign letters along the seashore. And there’s a lot of monuments there.


Actually the seashore was transformed to be concrete floor. Till now I didn’t found any trusted historical information related to this transform. I felt a little bit sad when I figured it out that I couldn’t play with sand and little waves there 😦

The next one is Fort Rotterdam or you could called it Benteng Ujung Pandang.

It was Sultanate of Gowa who built this fort a long time ago. But when Netherlands came, they took control of this building, so the name of this fort became Fort Rotterdam.


In this place, you could also go around to Museum La Galigo. This museum could tell you about the origin of Bugis tribe in Sulawesi. The numismatic and archaeological collections from this museum would tell you their stories too about Sulawesi Island.

And when you go travel to Makassar, don’t forget to try their wealth of various delicious tasty food. Yeah.. You have to try many famous food there like, pisang ijo, pisang epe, Bakmie Ujung Pandang, Sop Sodara, and anything else that I couldn’t tell you here cause there is so many! Haha! Those just the food that I ever tasted when I came to there. But so much more to try in the next trip. It’s a MUST! 😄

“Kota yang banyak orang bilang penduduknya keras dalam berkata dan perbuatan ini ternyata ramah dan baik hati terhadap saya yang terbilang orang Jakarta ini.

Dengan mencoba bergaul dan berbaur melalui logat mereka, kami bisa tertawa dan bercanda bersama.

Lingkungannya pun indah, meski di beberapa lokasi masih ada yang perlu diperbaiki agar lebih baik lagi dan ramah terhadap lingkungan.

Makanan-makanan yang tersedia di sini sangat menggoda lidah sehingga jadi ingin berlama-lama tinggal di sini untuk mencicipi kelezatannya..”

So, see you again Makassar!


here’s the link of my video for you to look at during my trip in Makassar.

Go check it! (Makassar I’m in Love)


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