YEAH! Hahaha!


I ever wanted to be a model. That is a dream that I’ve been dreaming from I was in primary school till now. I think a lot of girls around my age that time dreamed the same dream but afraid to shout it out cause later everybody would mock it. Or it just me who thought like that? Haha I don’t know. Maybe you could help me to answer that. πŸ˜‰

But this is not my primary dream. I mean this is not what kind of job that will be my main job for life. I just want to feel and taste it, what does it feels. Then I found out this is really fun! What kind of time that you could be the center of view and looking good? Very good and maybe looks very gorgeous, girls! Hmm…

Let’s we see my poses, shall we?







Yeah! That’s it!

So what do you think? Am I good enough to be a model? 😝

Please share what you think.. I am begging you! Haha!


Bis bald! TchΓΌss!






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