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This year I’m going to 24th. It’s so fast and a lil bit spooky for me.. because I think my youth era will be over. I’m afraid being old. Wrinkled and everybody gonna call you ma’am or aunt. Are you guys feel the same with what I feel right now?

In other case, my generation and me now are the newbie in the world of work. For the first time we are so gambling whose company will accept our application. We try as many as we could apply to hundred of employers. Who’s lucky, will get the good job so quickly.

For me, it is not easy to find the right place for me. I ever worked in 4 companies who are running in different field. I did those in 9 months and feel hopeless at that time with this work zone cause I didn’t feel comfort. Each company that I’ve ever worked has different minus that made me moved out. But of course, there’s still positives that I could learn from them. Then, thank God finally I got the good one 🙂

When we work at a company, as an employee we will work individual and in a team. In my work now, I learn a lot of things from my team. I think it’s really great if you’re work in a team. We interact, learn to know each other, find the solution together, sharing, laugh together, try something new and funny together, we work together as a team, help each other, and of course.. a lot of foods, haha!

Yes, sometimes there must be come argument and resentful. But all of these good and bad make us learn more about ourselves and try to fix and be better man. This is what I feel about work zone and makes me not a stiff man no more.

Yeah. I ever be a stiff man who is too touchy and resentful, not a good man to make interesting conversations with somebody, boring, shy and sheepish, stutter…

That was really sad, really really sad. I felt sad to myself. But at that time I didn’t know what to do.

Those was me. But now I think I’m better 😀

And after I graduated from German Studies in 2015, I just realize I love craft. So I think I need to study again, learn about design.

I also not really much do traveling till this time. I want to travel all of places in the world, and I pray I could do this when I still have time.

And last but not least, MARRIAGE! God help.. 😦

When I was a teenager, I couldn’t wait to get married, get a lot of cute children, taking care of them, loving my partner.. Oh gosh. Now I’m single, yeaah.. haha. And I still wanna chase many things. And my savings is not enough and not ready yet for it. But I have to face it, soon or later. And yeah I want to get married before my age at 30. YES! Wish me luck to get the nice and great one! Yippy!



Couple days ago I asked my friend how does it feel when you are 27th, and she said “Oh 27th, ok.” She’s not afraid or worry no more.





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