Extraordinary Snack!

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Tonight I just made a song. It’s called ‘The Lonely is Sock’. Hahaha!


Never mind. Let’s continue to the point of what I wanna tell you here. Come! πŸ˜€


So last Sat afternoon, me accompanied two beautiful lady to go to Tn.Abang to buy a new daily sandals. It’s near to the evening actually so we were been in hurry and hoping the seller hadn’t yet closed their counter.

And thank God we were still got the new good one for us!

Our journey was not just end right there, but we continued to buy a snack! But actually it wasn’t just a snack, but our dinner. Extraordinary dinner!Β 



Yeah, extraordinary. Can you imagine? Nasi uduk sprinkledΒ with fried onions and fried traditional chicken. You could eat those also with sambal kacang, fried shrimp as sate, pete and was accompanied by es jeruk. Uh! So delicious! Nikmat!

That was the first time I ate there and I’m really happy could taste those delightful food.

After the long walking, hunt for sandals, es jeruk is the perfect cure for your tiredness of the day! Hahaha.

Done fulfilled your stomach, it’s time for relaxation. Let what things that went in through your mouth go down, down and down.

DSC_1043While my body was processing that, I loved watching the street right beside my table. Our warung makan is located in narrow street that quiet tightly enough for two side of cars go by. The dim light of the vehicles and the wind blowed softly.. really peaceful. I like that.


Unfortunately, the time had come for us to go home. But it was ended also with cute traditional ending. Guess what? We boarded a bajaj to take us to the train station. How lovely!

But the blue is more softer than the orange ya.. for the trembleΒ πŸ˜‚




Warung makan: Nasi Uduk Ayam Goreng Babe H. Saman, Kebun Kacang



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