Being Accepted

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Being accepted on my many groups of society is a little bit hard for me. Not because I’m not being my own self, but sometimes I hide myself from them..


Actually that means I’m not being myself too when I’m hiding myself (being quiet instead of talking). In fact, I love crowds and love to talk to many people. You know, I’m a proud extrovert. Haha.

I knew some of well known quotes about being yourself that we have to be ourselves when we interact with people. Those quotes trying to say not faking yourself to please others. Like Dave Pelzer once said “When you please others in hopes of being accepted, you lose you self-worth in the process.”

But I act seems like a strange weird quiet person is not because I hope other people accept me as that kind person. Moreover, I do not want to please people when I’m hiding the true of me. I’m hiding myself because sometimes I feel shy and afraid of some of people that make me small when I interact with them.

I talk and discuss here just want to say what is on my mind and this is not a small problem if this bother you all the time. I want to fix it and learn. I want to change it. And I think somewhere out there, there is a lot of people who have same problem with me, the lack of encouragement to talk to the people.

It is not about you are an extrovert or introvert person. It’s about we are not being a strange weird quiet person because we’re shy and afraid.

So here’s a little tips from me from my hypothesis of myself and from when I interact with my friends (I also learn how they interact with others then I’m trying to apply to myself) for us to be a good interact people on society:

  1. Be a down to earth person instead of sucks arrogant person. This is the first thing we have to change!
  2. Then confident about ourselves, about who we are. Find what’s really you love to doing. Know ourselves first, what you like, what you hate and what you love the most. It is important to know ourselves before we are starting to know others. If we are already known ourselves, then we will be confident about ourselves. We will be ready to interact with others.
  3. State what we think, our opinion instead of we just keep it on our mind. Don’t be afraid. We just have to say it calm and politely.
  4.  “Asumsi itu membunuh.” Yes, assumption kill you. So, keep positive thinking with every single things on ahead. Don’t be overthinking.
  5. Be the one who have many experiences and knowledge. It will give us so many ideas for our work and for just a topic when we talk to a friend.
  6. And last but not least is care. “I follow three rules: Do the right thing, do the best you can, and always show people you care,” said Lou Holtz.


I hope those will be work for us to be more better and better us every single day. I still struggling and trying the best of myself from those tips. It’s not easy to change ourselves, but at least we are trying to be a better man.

Bye! See you later! 😉




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