First Day, Monday.

All about Indonesia, Thoughts

I was so lazy to wake this morning. Like, holiday fever still dangled after me.

“Oh.. I’m tired with my job, I’m bored. Uh! Huhu still want a holiday…”



So, I woke up and prepared for my lunch. I was a lil bit worry about what time exactly the latest for me to go to chase my train. Holiday made me forget about work and all small things about it. So I moved and prepared all as fast as I can. The clock ticked by the time goes by.

Hup! I was on the train station and my train was about to come. I hope this train wouldn’t bring me to the lateness.

In the middle of way, my train was stuck. It’s about 30 minutes less in total the train stuck in couple of stations. Yeah, an inner-city train from Indonesia… Especially after a long holiday, sometimes they become slow like a snail. Then, every schedules will be delayed.

But, fortunately, I wasn’t late. Thank God! So I don’t have to pay a fine for my lateness, haha. And this is your first day after holiday and you were late? Hmm.. I prefer be on time for this.

When I was on the train and when I was on the road with my ‘ojek online’ to my office, the people and the vehicles were less then the daily routine the weekdays of work. Did you feel the same with me? I think these all workdays is not really effective in the first day, made me want to lose with all disappearing people too.

But, when I saw and met my friends in the office, I thought I change my mind. I would be died of boredom because I just stuck on my home, not meet with the people. And that was great in the office. Me and my friends also talk much about something beside our work. I got a new knowledge about calories and facts about healthy daily meal. Also.. now I can read and understand about nutrition facts in every food packaging! And the first word on ingredients in every food is the main of the whole ingredients of its food. That’s really good right? That now you could understand about what you eat and you’ll be a smart consumer. Right?

After all, this was a good day for me. One of my productive days!

But, how about you? Were you enjoyed your day?


Hope you all good there and.. see you then. TchΓΌss! πŸ˜‰



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