My Old Cover Video


Click this sentence to see me singing a song that I’m talking about! 😉



So today I just renewed my YouTube channel, haha! Now it’s more organized but still need many good and useful videos that I MUST added.

When I tidied up my channel I found this, my old one video cover sang ‘Simpan Saja’ by Ecoutez.

And apparently this is the best video cover in my life that I was success to make it good enough video with clear voices. I feel confidence and not shy when I watch and hear this video by myself. Like.. “Yeah! That’s it!”

To be compered to my another cover videos, this is the not really many out of tune! 😆

Because this video is only one of my best cover videos, I want to share with you guys my happiness of my successful video cover! Yay! Hope you like it!

And from now on, I also want to record my singing videos monthly and put it on my channel. It is because I want to consistently practice and make targets for myself to increase my singing skill. And of course because singing is my lovely most hobby of my life. 💕

Lately I also begin to write songs again. And I really want to publish all! Can’t wait!

But I have to arrange the music. I’m planning to play the music by myself with guitar. But I have to practice first to play it. End of last year I started to learn playing guitar. Till now I have to practice more often, especially memorizing chords and making the good strummed (so, you know how bad still I am? Hahaha.)

Please, sit back and relax for now. We will coming for you soon to bring more happy and crazy videos!


Bye! Tchüss! :*