My First Decoration Project! #KUTalk15


YEAY! I was soooo excited about that! This is my first decoration project and I was able to give my ideas freely. But for the first time, let me tell you about #KUTalk. So, Kampus Update (KU) is youth opportunities hub based on social media Twitter. They provide information about part time jobs, internships, volunteer & scholarships for college students. They also provide various informative programs such as #KUTalk and #KUChat that running continuously.


#KUTalk is a series of talkshow managed by Kampus Update team every month. They invite guest speaker to share their inspiring thoughts & story and give informal workshop session for students and public.

Do you get it now? 😉

Alright. Let’s move on. So, in this project I have two friends who joined in this team too, Ammy and Rio. For this decoration I develop the main branding from KU which is blue and professional, but still fun and young. For 15th of #KUTalk, KU wanted more creation for the event’s place, wanted a lil bit decoration but still good, but low budget. Than I concepted as our team (the rest of committee of #KUTalk15) wanted with wasted stuff. And my two friends helped on the produce of all things that we need for the decoration.

Got many feedback and advice from team too. Than, here’s the result…

1464130332451 new

I made this one for photo booth section.

1464130329420 new

Here are the hand props!

IMG-20160528-WA0004 new

And beautiful sketches from Ammy Elvietta Riyani for this event’s decoration too. We hanged those up on the wall so people could see that those are who ever inspired people through KUTalk.


Actually, all of the stuff above not all of it wasted. There was combination from two ingredients, wasted and new stuff. The curtain I made it all from new stuff. But the hand props, there was +/- 50% wasted materials and 50% new materials.

So happy I have this opportunity and honored that the team trusted me to make it happened. Hope next time could be better than this, create more amazing works, and also use wasted materials much more but still have high quality standard. My dream is to create amazing stuff based on recycle. And this project was the part of my first movement… 😀


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